Programming Note

As I flipped around the channels after the President's address last night, it occurred to me that Sean Hannity was not on the air hosting his own show. In his stead was Brett Baire(sp?), a decidedly more down-the-middle reporter (for FOX), who respectfully gave Obama his due. It was when the usually distasteful Charles Krauthammer poured effusive praise over the President's words to the nation that I sat up and said to myself, "I wonder how Hannity will react to that?" It was only then that I noticed it wasn't Hannity hosting "Hannity!" Personally, I think the ol' turkey-baster chickened out of having to man up and act responsibly.

I think these Right Wingers have been knocked back on their heels a bit by the nation's reaction to last weekend's tragic events, and they're not sure quite yet how to deal with it. Oh sure, Rush Limbaugh will never be silenced, but do you really think America wants to hear any more of Ann Coulter's particularly vile brand of bullshit?

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