The Wicked Tuna

Not sure the editors of this promo thought it all the way through...


Goes Around, Comes Around

How fantastically ironic is it that, after so many years of specious, delusional and provably false Republican accusations that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and thus ineligible for the presidency, one of their front-running candidates, who was actually born in a foreign county and held citizenship there until only very recently, is now being held to account under the same withering spotlight of unhinged Birtherism. #touché


Words to Live By

"Proudly straight-but-not-narrow for more than fifty years."


Social Justice Bucket List (et al.)

Confederate flags coming down across the South? Check.

Obamacare subsidies upheld? Check.

Gay marriage law of the land? Check.

Abstinence spokeswoman Bristol Palin knocked up again? Check.

It's been quite a week.

Shorter Antonin Scalia



Tweet of the Day: Gun Ban Idea


Another Bow to the Confederacy that Needs Fixing: US Bases Named for Enemy Generals

What do Fort Hood, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Camp Beauregard and more than half a dozen other US military bases have in common?  Believe it or not, all are named for Confederate generals, seditious soldiers who fought a bloody insurrection -- in support of the cause of slavery, no less -- against the very government that now manages the installations that bear their names. Make no mistake about it, these guys were the enemy, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Union soldiers.

While were in the business of coming to terms with our past by lowering flags and removing statutes, it's high time these generals' names be stricken from our military's mailing addresses as well.


The Only Civil War-era Flag You'll Ever Need

[Has 35-stars, including those of the 13 traitors.]

Sins of the Father Not Visited Upon This Son

In a most remarkable moment, South Carolina Republican State Senator Paul Thurmond addresses the legislature with a seven-minute speech that repudiates everything his father, the late, unrepentant segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond, ever stood for. This is a watershed moment in the political evolution of the South...


The Scene that No One Wanted to See

The Reverend Senator Clementa Pinkney's casket rolls past the Confederate flag that cannot be removed from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse.

A Sea Change Comes to America

Who knew? After all this time and after so much blood and so much suffering; after Columbine and Aurora and Tucson and Virginia Tech and Isla Vista and Fort Hood and Sandy Hook and countless other places that have been scarred forever; after so many “nine-year-old shoots four-year-old” tragedies; after so many husbands have shot their wives; after a sitting congresswoman was shot and gravely wounded; after presidents and senators and civic leaders have been taken down by gunfire; after so many sad and lonely people have taken their own lives, impulsively, in moments of profound despair, with guns. Who knew, after all of that, that what it would take for America to finally see the light was a deranged gunman shooting nine worshipers dead inside a 199-year-old South Carolina church?

Who knew that Charleston, South Carolina, would be the place, the incident that triggered a tidal wave of public sentiment aimed squarely at the real a real problem in this nation?  Who knew that upwards of 40,000 fatalities and countless injuries a year were not enough? Who knew that the deaths of babies and moms and 12-year-olds and grandmothers were not enough?  Who knew that a preposterous number of so-called “accidental shootings” every year were not enough?

None of that was enough, apparently, to compel America to change. But it’s finally come to this: the deaths of a state senator, the preacher at that 199-year-old South Carolina church, and eight of his parishioners, including an 87-year-old great-grandmother.  We now see that those nine lives were not lost in vain, because America has seen that she must change.  America recognizes that she needs to face up to her baser impulses and her shameful history and her tolerance of the intolerable. America has decided it’s time to act and to act boldly.

And so, remarkably, America has decided it is time to do something about this problem, the one civilized people just can’t understand, the one that marks a stain on our people, the one that allows fear and ignorance to ruin the lives of millions.

America has decided to take a serious look at gun control that the Confederate flag may not be an appropriate symbol for veneration.  America has decided that universal background checks will keep guns out of the wrong hands allowing the Confederate flag on license plates is wrong.  America has decided that semi-automatic weapons are best left to those who are qualified to use them t-shirts that feature the Confederate flag are in poor taste.  America has decided that licensing gun owners will help ensure responsible gun ownership flying the Confederate flag on government property is an insult to our nation’s history.

Who knew? America has really learned nothing from this most recent national tragedy. We still refuse to acknowledge that the real problem in our nation of 330-million is that guns are killing our people by the tens of thousands every year.  While I suppose it is admirable that we are addressing our strange historical acceptance of this blatantly racist symbol, the fact is the Confederate flag, abominable as it is, killed no one.


The Problem We All Live With

There was a time when we used to call this sort of thing "domestic terrorism."

A Reasonable Question

When isn't a murder a hate crime?

It requires a lot of hate to take a human life.


Scowler Seems Happy.

What would give you the idea this guy would ever be named a suspect in a mass shooting?

Replacing the Wrong Man

I have a bit of a problem with this. Alexander Hamilton was one of the true Founding Fathers. Arguably the most brilliant of the bunch, he co-wrote the Federalist Papers that served as a blueprint for the nation, served as George Washington's right-hand-man during the Revolutionary War and was precluded from the presidency only because he was born on the island of Nevis, down in the Caribbean. He was not "native-born," but he is a true American hero. 

Andrew Jackson on the other hand (the man whose face graces the $20 bill), didn't trust banks or the concept of paper money and disbanded the Second Bank of the United States after he was elected president.

It makes no sense at all to bump Hamilton off the ten-dollar note but keep Jackson on the twenty.