Wise Up: Go Get a Real Job

If you didn't know already, your humble editor at Scattershot is a public sector employee and, I must say, I'm getting really, really -- really -- sick and tired of hearing people who work in my office, in my department, and in my particular division of government, spouting the full-blown angry conservative line of lower taxes, reduced social spending, anti-immigrant, anti-welfare, anti-food stamps, anti-unemployment benefits, anti-helping anyone ever forever fervor.

Hey there, right-wing whack-job co-workers, guess what? You get paid by the freaking government, don't you get it? If you really think the government is a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy doling out cash to the undeserving, then I'd recommend you stop debating me at the water-cooler and resign your position, post haste, forgoing of course your salary, your health care subsidy, your vacation days, your paid sick leave, your paid holidays, your defined-benefit retirement plan and your little effing desktop transistor radio that pumps Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly into your vacuous, empty little brain for 8 hours each and every day while you're pretending to assess other peoples' taxes.

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