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How many times do you think this guy voted for George W. Bush?
A gray cloud

Life has not changed for the better for anyone except the Obamas in the past two years. I never thought in my lifetime I would see people running the White House who would bring more disgrace to that place than the Clintons. I was wrong, the Obamas make the Clintons look almost OK.

The First Lady has gone from tending gardens at the White House to a world traveler taking guests, personal attendants, airplanes and crews.

Congress has done things that will adversely affect our country for years to come.

President Barack Obama has made a lot of pay backs to large contributors of his election in the form of United States ambassadors, czars, etc.

It seems that everything is being investigated — car companies, banks, oil spills. Why aren’t we investigating the president? There is a big gray cloud hanging over our heads with a bleak future.

San Luis Obispo

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