Practical Effects of the Sequester

Now that the sequester is moving into its third month, we have learned to live with some of the [wholly-anticipated] effects of the sequester:

  • Meal-on-Wheels budget cut drastically, leaving housebound seniors without the comfort and companionship that comes with the delivery of one hot meal a day.  [Yawn.]
  • Federal housing assistance funding cut drastically, leaving many low income renters without money to pay rent. [Shrug.]
  • Head Start education funding cut drastically, leading to teacher layoffs, smaller [or more crowded] classes and a lower quality pre-K education.. [Meh.]
  • Rates and Fees increased on Federal Student Loan Programs, burdening already struggling 20-somethings with even higher monthly student loan bills. [Whatever.]
  • Up to 750,000 federal employees could face layoffs in the coming months, meaning many of the government services we all rely upon will suffer in the face of a dwindling workforce. [Yeah?]
  • The WIC nutrition program serving some 9 million women and infant children facing a serious funding shortfall, meaning young children living on the cusp of poverty will be cut off from this vital program.. [ So? ]
  • There may be some moderate flight delays at the airport as sequestration forces furloughs among the ranks of air traffic controllers. [ZOMFG!!!11!1!!111!!!!! YOUCAN'TBESERIOUSHOWWILLWEEVERSURVIVE SOMETHINGMUSTBEDONETORECTIFYTHISTRAGEDYOFEPICPROPORTIONS!!1!!!!11!!!]

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