Debate Thread #2

6:21 pm  F--- you Candy...Stop Romney  from stepping on your ass!  She just let him go again.

6:23pm  Time to cut the bastard's microphone if he's not going to follow the rules.

6:24 pm  Finally a question Mitt can'  dodge without lying.  This answer is going to be total bullshit.

6:26 pm  Romney: "No middle-class taxpayers will  pay any tax on dividends, interest or capital gains."  Memo to Mitt: 99% of middle-class taxpayers don't generally earn "dividends, interest or capital gains" so your answer is misleading and bogus.

6:28 pm  Obama: If you make under $250,000 a year, I got your back."

6:29 pm  Obama:  "Mitt said it's fair that he pays a lower tax rate than middle-class taxpayers."

6:30 pm Candy says, all cute and smiley like, "Gov. Romney, I'm sure you have a response."  FU Candy.

6:31 pm Memo to Mitt: Free trade drives down wages in American you dumbbell.

6:33 pm   Obama rightly calling out Romney on the lack of specifics in his tax plan.  "No specifics except eliminating Big Bird and Planned Parenthood."

6:34 pm  Obama calls Romney's tax/spending plan a "sketchy deal."

6:35  pm  Romney:  "Of course my numbers add up."  Even though I haven't  shared any of them with you.

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