Debate Thread #1

6:04pm  Obama's job #1, reassure the public, viewers, voters, that he has the best interests of the working-class and the middle-class in mind...AND he's willing to fight for it!

6:06pm  Did Mitt Romney just guarantee that kid a job in 2014?

6:07pm Obama: Mitt wanted to let Detroit go BK.

6:08pm  Candy Crowley got her hair curled.  FOX News next?

6:08pm  Romney: "My statistics are more misleading that your statistics."

6:10 pm Obama defense of energy policy: "lowest oil imports in...years."  Wonky answer.  Not explaining if/how a president can impact oil prices at the pump (which he really can't).

6:16 pm  Romney's a pretty good bullshitter.

6:16 pm  Oh shit, new normal.

6:17pm  Nice "Very little of what Gov. Romney just said is true."

6:19 pm  Dude, could they come to blows?


6:21 pm  The test is now for Obama to take charge of this debate. Romney lying, stepping over Obama and being basically disrespectful.

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