Insult Comic Comes to SLO

People who see Ann Coulter as anything other than a bomb-throwing insult comic of the Andrew Dice Clay variety -- like the wingnuts in the comments of this article about her appearance last night at Cal Poly -- have her shtick all wrong. She doesn't give a shit about anything but pissing off liberals, though I will give her credit for being smarter than Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and the whole sorry lot of Republican influence-peddlers.

And her books are not best-sellers! Their "bulk sellers," propped us for use as door prizes by right-wing propaganda publications that buy them by the tens of thousands.

To illustrate the delusional madness of the wingnut mind:
Bright articulate lady. I get tired of this political correctness. Obama is a terrible president and his wife is selfish and self centered for all the money she wastes on extra planes for vacations and the number of trips without any thought as to cost.
How about libs arguing facts with her and not just calling her names. I disagree with most of Obamas policies and can discuss them. The libs can't discuss policy but simply name call. --duke5 at the SLO Tribune

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