Final Thought on the South Carolina Debate

Lost in the uproar over the peanut gallery's raucous discontent with anything remotely resembling a reasonable point of view at last Saturday's Republican debate in South Carolina -- manifest primarily in the disquieting, lynch mob treatment of debate moderator Juan "first of all Juan" Williams -- was the crowd's reaction to a comment made by candidate Ron Paul on foreign policy.

Loosely paraphrasing in lieu of a video clip, Paul made the observation that, in contrast to his opponents, who are all champing at the bit to bomb the hell out of Iran (WTF?!?!), he wants to end all our overseas adventures and "bring our troops home."

After pointing out that the war in Afghanistan and our drone bombings over Pakistan only serve to turn the citizenry in those countries against us, Paul noted rhetorically, "We wouldn't like it very much if a Chinese dissident came over here and the Chinese government decided to fly over our country and bomb him." That comment started a murmur of unrest in the crowd, as if they weren't sure where he was going, and when Paul followed it up with "We should practice the Golden Rule, 'Do unto others as you would have them do to you!'" the assembled lunatics saw fit to boo the congressman vociferously.

Lovely fundamentalists that they are, it was lost on them, apparently, that they were actually booing the words of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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