"Recall Walker!!!"

You know the situation is pretty goddamn bad when the only thing that quiets the protesters shouting you down during your speech at the Wisconsin State Fair is the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Dude, those people hate you.

I find it exceedingly funny -- if not weirdly ironic -- that the Republican assholes in Dairlyland continue to claim that their election victories in 2010 gave them a mandate for "change" [read: busting unions, demonizing teachers and destroying the middle class] but when faced with the vitriolic backlash seen here in this video (from the very same citizens who elected them, natch) they simply push forward with their politically suicidal agenda like nothing has changed.

Make no mistake about it, Republican politicians in Wisconsin are soon to be as rare and powerless as those in California. Talk about over-playing your hand, there are six recall elections in Sconny-town next Tuesday, and the smart money says every single Republican is going to lose.

It's as near a sure thing as Secretariat winning the Belmont Stakes.

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