My Own Prejudices

God I hate Claremont Nazis.

ADDING: I hate Arroyo Grande Klansmen too! Shocking I know, but even closer to home we have this:
A burning cross stuck in the ground outside the bedroom window of a black Arroyo Grande teen Friday is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

The teen, who was in the home with her sleeping mom, was confronted just after midnight by the blazing 11-foot cross after she heard a banging noise outside and looked out her window. She woke her mom, who told her to call 911.
I love how the authorities are "hesitant" to label the incident a hate crime, suggesting it might be little more than "a prank." Let's see...11-foot-tall cross burning outside the window of a black teenager's bedroom? Hmmm....what would history tell us about such incidents? Yes, this must be a "prank." What the hell is wrong with people?

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