A Good Start

Welcome back, Jerry! Newly [re-]elected California Governor Jerry Brown's inaugural cost lass than $100,000; former governor Arnold Schwazeneggar's cost $2,000,000.

SACRAMENTO -- Gone were the over-the-top media events, the throngs of CHP bodyguards, the legions of highly paid advisors spinning the chief executive's every move. Arnold Schwarzenegger [...] often ran the place as if it were the White House; Brown seems set on transforming it into something more like a county seat.
Brown's late-afternoon party at the state railroad museum was a subdued affair, costing the new governor's donors less than $100,000.

Schwarzenegger raised $2 million for his last inaugural event, which included a performance by Donna Summer.

The new governor's presence had hardly been felt in Sacramento since the Nov. 2 election. He never even named a transition team. Schwarzenegger had a transition staff of 67, including such notables as George Shultz, Willie Brown, Pete Wilson, Eli Broad and Carly Fiorina. Warren Buffett was an economic advisor.

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