The Terrorists Have Already Won

If this post at Hullabaloo doesn't scare you, perhaps it should.

I've often wondered the same...with all the security measures now in place at airports across the country, why wouldn't an enterprising terrorist simply retool his (or her) evil plan and hit a shopping mall instead? Or a swap meet? Or a church service? Or a "Concert in the Plaza?" Or a Farmer's Market? Or a gathering on the National Mall. Or Times Square [oops, tried that, got busted]. Or a college commencement? Or a high school football game? Or the Amtrak train from DC to Boston. Or a PTA meeting? Or....?

I trust you get the point.

With blowing up airplanes [apparently] off the table as a terrorism option -- due in no small measure to the rule that says, thank God, one can't carry a 5-ounce bottle of water onto an aircraft (though 4 ounces is okay) -- that leaves only, oh, several tens of thousands of other casualty-rich targets throughout this vast country.

There, I've said it. Are you scared now?

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