Cooley Concedes, Beats Whitman

LA County Attorney General Steve Cooley has conceded the race for California AG to Kamala Harris, his Democratic counterpart in San Francisco County. The news completes a clean sweep for Democrats of all statewide offices in California.

Cooley did accomplish one remarkable feat, however. In terms of the raw vote count, he garnered more votes in his down-ticket race than either Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina. Cooley pulled in roughly 4,332,600 votes statewide, compared to 4,118,103 for Fiorina and 4,030,703 for Whitman. That's right, Meg Whitman, the $160-million woman, was only the third highest vote-getter in her own party.

Cooley spent about $1.50 for every vote he received.

Whitman spent $36.63.

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