The Bush Family

They're not like you and I the rest of us.

UPDATE: My use of "you and I" has sparked a bit of a familial grammar debate. Some say "you and me" would have been correct. There's an old rule of thumb that says if you remove one of the pronouns you should be able to determine the correct sentence structure. I maintain that my phrase intends to say "They're not like...I am."

PBM sez: "I think if you include the 'am' (or in the original sentence 'are') then you are correct, however if you remove it then 'me' is correct."

Gigi sez: "Obviously the problem has many angles and a changed word here or there would require a different solution. Analyzed as originally written, though, I think 'like' is used as a preposition and thus requires 'me.'"

These are the kinds of things "we" talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Feel free to offer your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

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