"Right on the Edge"

CNN is airing Abbie Boudreau's report on young conservatives this weekend. Recall that she's the fetching investigative reporter that the nauseating fool James O'Keefe so ridiculously thought he could ensnare in a "sex tape" scandal.

What I found interesting was another segment in the feature, during which Boudreau profiled Christian Hartsock, a "young conservative" filmmaker and colleague of the smarmy James O'Keefe. In fact, Hartsock is currently producing a film on the exploits of James O'Keefe, including the bogus ACRON/prostitution scam and the ill-advised attempt to bug Senator Mary Landrieu's office. In it, O'Keefe dons his pimp costume again and embarks on a series of Michael Jackson like dance numbers.

The real takeaway from Hartsock's film is the location. The interiors all appear to take place in California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's offices. "Meg 2010" posters can clearly be seen in nearly every shot. Nice to know Meg Whitman is enabling these deluded 20-something scam artists by allowing them to use her office space to produce their bile. And yet another indication that Whitman surely does not have the concerns of all Californians at heart.

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