Ballot Initiative Bamboozle: No on Yes H

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Right here in SLO-town, CA, there's an interesting little ballot initiative that comes with a twist. For years now there's been a spirited debate on what's called the "Prado Road Extension." This project would provide a key East-West connector road at the south end of town. It was approved by the Planning Commission early this year and the City Council voted 5-to-0 in favor of the project in July. But......that whole process didn't satisfy the meddlers in our community, and they managed to get the issue on the November ballot, putting it to a vote of the people.

Interestingly enough, and I'm not sure who's really behind this little bit of obfuscation, but the way "Measure H" is worded, if you're in favor of the extension, you have to vote "No" on H. That is: If your position is "Yes," you must vote "No." Got it? You can be sure that switcheroo is worth at least a few wrong votes in the wrong direction.

[PS -- Yes, those are the Damon-Garcia youth soccer fields at the east end of Prado road.]

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