The Idiots Have Taken Over

I suppose the insanity really began when Sarah Palin got the VP nomination back in the summer of 2008. Then came the nutty protests against health care reform and the death threats against legislators who worked to pass the law. Then came Scott Brown and Marco Rubio and the cries for "armed insurrection." And then earlier this week the Utah teabaggers tossed 3-term Senator Robert Bennett overboard on the flimsiest of grounds.

But now, the Maine Republicans have gone full-teabag, crafting a party platform that looks like nothing if not a rickety children's tree fort, ready to collapse at any moment under the weight of its own absurd construction.

Considering Maine has two of the least conservative most liberal most "moderate" Republican senators (in Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe), the disconnect between the pols and the electorate has never been seen in such stark contrast. It'll be interesting to see how things play out in Maine.

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