Identity Theft

When I saw last week that Sarah Palin made an appearance before a pro-life group called the "Susan B. Anthony List," my first thought was that I hadn't remembered ever hearing that Susan B. Anthony was a pro-life activist. I know that fellow women's rights advocate Margaret Sanger is widely credited with being one of the first pro-choice/birth control activists, and I couldn't square that knowledge with the former half-term governor of Alaska's star-turn with a bunch of Susan B. Anthony acolytes. Turns out it's a case of identity theft, and if I were one of Susan B. Anthony's descendants I don't think I could fire off a cease-and-desist order fast enough. Here's the story.
"Anthony spent no time on the politics of abortion. It was of no interest to her, despite living in a society (and a family) where women aborted unwanted pregnancies," they write.
And to close, they end in part by letting Susan B. Anthony speak for herself: "But [Anthony] firmly believed that religion had no place in politics. 'I dislike those who know so well what God wants them to do', she said, 'because I notice it always coincides with their own desires'."

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