Chalk Another One up for Phillys' Phinest

A 17-year-old kid crossed the "thin blue line" at Citizen's Bank Park last night and got rocked with a taser gun in short left-centerfield. Frank Rizzo would have been proud. The best part of the clip at the link comes after they cuff the little miscreant and then lift him to his feet. Just as they begin the long walk off the field you see the kid say: "Go Phils."

UPDATE: Word is he called his dad for permission before going on his mad dash.


  1. When I first heard that story, I was sure it was you. Then I read the quote where his dad said no drugs or alcohol were involved.

  2. You can only guess how many versions of that joke I've heard in the last 24 hours...

  3. You still ought to Put your face on that picture.