Long Live The King

As most of you know, I'm down with LA's #24, despite his transgressions, because of the HATE (he's a classic anti-hero at this point), and I'm perfectly willing to admit that, while Magic Johnson came close, Michael Jordan is the GOAT. 

Having said that, I will say this:  What LeBron James is doing in this series is out-sized, outrageous and completely otherworldly.  There is simply no way on this Earth that Kobe or Magic or even MJ could ever lop a team of misfits like the Cavs on his back and carry them the way LBJ is carrying Cleveland up to the mountaintop. 

He's a brute.  He is, as my brother Patrick​ mentioned the other day, the size of an NFL defensive lineman, only faster and more agile.  He's too physical, too athletic, too mentally tough and, should the Cavs pull it off, too damn determined not to assume the spot at the top of the basketball pantheon.

It's crazy -- and it could still come to an ignominious end (that's why these series' are best of seven) -- but I'll be damned if I don't say these last three games are like nothing I've ever seen before on a basketball court.

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