Why Did Scattershot Go Dark?

Dear Scattershot,

Are you going to continue your blog?


Long Time Fan


Dear Long Time Fan,

I know, you miss me, right? 

As I suppose you can imagine, it takes (took?) a lot of work, time and energy to keep Scattershot going. The constant pressure (that I put on myself!) to keep this balloon inflated ultimately got to me. But I think what really led to my hiatus was that it became so disheartening to constantly see the same stupid shit going down day after day after day.  Healthy doses of snark and invective can only carry you so far before a depressing thought starts to kick in:  None of this shit is ever going to change. It's like shouting at the wind.

Stupid people (and misinformed people) are forever going to support cynical ideologues, against all their own best interests, that much we know for sure. But the simple fact is, the spineless, milquetoast Democratic Party is going to disappoint passionate, principled liberals 10 or 15 times every single day, while the Republican Party (still and always batshit fucking insane) remains determined not to yield one inch of ground to the socialist Kenyan Muslim dictator. Mark my words, plenty of idiots still believe Barack Obama is a socialist Kenyan Muslim dictator, even though most of his policies are farther to the right than those of Richard M. Nixon.  Despite all this, it appears the the Republicans are poised to gain seats in the House this fall and there's an outside chance they could take the Senate?? Are you fucking kidding me?  That will be the end of us all.

So.... a congresswoman gets shot through the head, miraculously survives (though permanently disabled) and yet she is scoffed at, ridiculed and abused by gun nuts. Remember how James Brady got thrown overboard by the Republican fuckwads after a bullet to the brain made him think twice about gun control?  Notice how Dianne Feinstein is Public Enemy No. 1 for even the mere mention of new gun control laws (This is the same Dianne Feinstein who held George Moscone's head in her hands until he drew his last breath after being shot by some insane Twinkie junkie).  These are people know what damage guns do. So fuck those NRA assholes.  

Nothing changes wrt the gun problem in America. A school shooting that kills 20 five-year-old kids? Twenty five-year-old kids, dead? Nothing changed. 75 people shot (12 dead) in a movie theater in ColoradoNuh. Thing. Changed. George Zimmerman kills Trayvon Martin?  We got less than nothing in that case, because he was found not fucking guilty by six Floridian morons. The Montana Freemen are back, and itching for a fight, waving guns at park rangers and refusing to recognize the US government!?!  As a public sector worker (in the tax assessor's office, no less) let me just say this: Fuck these guys.

There are still politicians in America who are feted as presidential material by lazy, stenographic "journalists" interested only their own celebrity and the reportage of "horse-race politics" (as opposed to actual issue-oriented politics), despite the fact that those Republican assholes deny the very notion of global warming; despite the fact that those same assholes would rather cut school lunches for little kids than raise taxes by one thin dime; despite the fact that those same fucking assholes would rather cancel $25-billion in unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed than stop building a trillion dollar (trillion!) fighter jet that doesn't work and the military doesn't even want; despite the fact that they lie, openly and with impunity, about the work of Planned Parenthood, making it so that not only can a woman barely find a place to get an abortion in the state of Texas, she also can't get a mammogram or birth control pills; despite the fact that they've lied about the particulars of the Affordable Care Act every step of the fucking way.  Death panels my ass, you fucking jerks.

And let me ask this question for a minute: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BENGHAZI BULLSHIT ALL ABOUT?!?! "They changed the talking points!!|!!|!|" It's the battle cry of the stupid. Four fucking people died there, okay? Four. That's incredibly tragic bad news, but where was the outrage from these Republican/FOX News motherfuckers during the Bush administration, when we suffered the 9/11 attacks (3000 dead), despite strong warnings of imminent danger, and then endured that goddamn fucking Iraq war BULLSHIT for 10 fucking years (4500 Americans dead!?!)?  Now we celebrate that mediocre piece of shit Bush for "paintings" (I use the term loosely) that would be embarrassingly bad if they'd been done by a 9-year-old.  What. the. fuck?  

We have lost our moorings in this godforsaken country.

You know, whenever I think about how badly these fucking Republican cocksuckers and their minions in the FOX News disinformation environment have fucked up everything, for all of us, I wonder what the Dixie Chicks must think?  They said a handful critical words about that godawful failure George Bush, a couple sentences basically, and for that they suffered death threats, an endless barrage of criticism from the likes of that blockhead Hannity and the doltish O'Reilly, not to mention the end of their very careers. 

Here's the actual quote

“Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.” 

For that they saw their popularity go right down the tubes. They are so done, they've barely been heard from at all since that fateful day, yet brainless motormouth Ted Nugent is on TV constantly, practically daring some gun nut to take a potshot at Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Harry Reid, or Dianne Feinstein.  WTF?

The vitriol and fear that's ginned up on a daily basis by these conservative assholes is pretty well too much to bear.  They are actively engaged in a mission to make the people of the United States stupider and more fearful of each other.  If you'd have told me it could get any worse than it was 10 years ago, I'd have not believed that possible. But it's way worse. Way.  The fact that Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Steve "Mexicans have calves the size of cantaloupes" King, Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann, Mitt Fucking Romney and even the inarticulate, uneducated, racist, openly seditious cowtard Cliven Goddamn Bundy (AYFKM with that shit???) are held up as a heroes to the conservative "movement" (more like bowel movement) confirms just how much worse it is. Hello.....? Those people are goddamn fucking idiots, every single one of them!

I just couldn't take it anymore.  I'd rather binge-watch Breaking Bad and Rescue Me than endure one more day of idiotic bullshit. Far better to focus on fun and family and sports and helping run my union and fixing up my house (finally) and being a good person and going to happy hour at McCarthy's (occasionally!) to shoot the shit than to sit at my laptop and have to write about all this bullshit every single day.  

That said, I'm still keeping track and taking down names.

I am right.

Hornet. Out.

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