Real Life Obamacare Scenario

Real life Obamacare scenario:  I have a friend who was buying her own insurance policy (for herself and her adult son) on the individual market.  She has an Anthem/Blue Cross policy that offers decent coverage for the two of them with a $250 monthly premium. 

She recently received a letter from Anthem notifying her that the company was required to cancel the policy – because of the Affordable Care Act! (Right Wing horror story #1) – but they helpfully suggested she take a comparable “replacement policy” with a monthly premium of $550! (Right Wing horror story #2).  If that were the end of it, I’d be first in line to agree that this Obamacare thing is a travesty of economic injustice.

A visit to a qualified “ACA Navigator,” however, working through coveredca.com, California’s Affordable Care Act portal, found this lady a much more generous “Silver plan” policy ($2000 deductible and $6300 max out-of-pocket per year, $0 preventive care visits, co-pays in the $15 range and $5 for prescription drugs) that will cost her $60 per month, thanks to the ACA subsidy.  For another $20/month she could move up to a Gold Plan. The choice is hers.

Make no mistake about it, the Affordable Care Act is going to help improve the lives of millions of Americans.

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