Loose Lips Sink Ships

Pretty sure neither George Smiley nor "Bond, James Bond" would ever get caught blabbing away in an "off the record" top-secret conversation in such a public place.
Former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden is more used to being the one listening in on conversations than the one being eavesdropped on himself. The tables were turned on Thursday, however, as Hayden suddenly found his supposedly private conversations blasted across the Internet. 
Riding on the Acela express train between New York and Washington, DC, Hayden had the bad luck of sitting near entrepreneur and former MoveOn.org director Tom Matzzie. “Former NSA spy boss Michael Hayden on Acela behind me blabbing ‘on background as a former senior admin official’,” Matzzie wrote on his Twitter account. “Sounds defensive.” For the next twenty minutes, Mattzie continued to livetweet Hayden’s conversations slamming the Obama administration, all the while insisting that he be referred to only on background.
Dude must have thought he was under the cone of silence. Hilarious denouement: The eavesdropper even managed to get a photo with Maxwell Smart Elmer Fudd Michael Hayden at the end of the train ride.

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