Won't Get Fooled Again?

[Peace Bombs ]

After all the total fucking bullshit we were forced to endure in the lead-up to the Iraq War Fiasco -- not to mention the fact that in the aftermath we were proven right about everything and they were proven wrong -- why in heaven's name would we ever believe any alleged "proof" [of anything] offered by our mendacious military-industrial-intelligence complex and its pawns in government ever again

Whatever the case for war may be, it apparently doesn't mean much to [President] John McCain, who was caught playing poker on his cell phone during yesterday's Senate hearing on the situation in Syria. He laughed it off, like it was funny somehow, like the fact that the hearing lasted "3+ hours" left him rightly bored and disinterested.  WTF McCain, is this shit important or not?  We've got McCain playing video poker in the middle of a Senate hearing, but the fucking wingnuts are pissed because Obama put his foot on his desk in the Oval Office.  Really.

Now we have Donald Fucking Rumsfeld weighing in???  Are you kidding me?!? The architect of perhaps the biggest foreign policy blunder in American history -- including the Bay of Pigs, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the goddamn fall of the Alamo for Christ's sake -- is calling Barack Obama's Syrian strategy "mindless"??!? Really, Mr. We-Found-the-WMD's?  Really?

I don't care who's in charge, I can think of 10 billion things to do with the $800-billion we blow on "defense" each year, and none of them involves dropping a single bomb on another country. Many of them involve feeding the hungry, however, as well as clothing the needy, educating the children, tending to the sick, and fixing our own damn broken country.  

None of that has a single thing to do bombing Syria.  Peace. Out.

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