The Shoes of Wendy Davis

[Wendy Davis, June 2013]
Amidst all the talk about the Ted Cruz filibluster, let's not lose sight of the fact that Wendy Davis actually filibustered an anti-abortion law in Texas, halting the legislation and forcing her Republican foes to reintroduce the bill. It ultimately passed, but only after the Texas GOP douchebags attached it a motorcycle safety law (or some such nonsense).

The Republican Hanky-Wringing-and-Pearl-Clutching Society has been making a big deal about the [alleged] lack of equal treatment when comparing the Cruz fiasco to the Davis WIN!  He was wearing black tennies (in case you didn't know it), as compared to Davis' salmon-and-green Mizuno Wave Rider 16's. But the fact remains, Wendy Davis conducted her entire 11-hour filibuster without so much as a bathroom break...Ted Cruz took a breather after an hour.

Ted Cruz is no Wendy Davis, not by a long shot.

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