Message to My Congresswoman

Dear Congresswoman Capps, 

I am writing today to encourage you, as my representative, to vote AGAINST any military intervention in the Syrian civil war. 

Despite the horror Bashir Assad has brought upon his people, I believe we must accept that the United States cannot continue to serve as the world's policeman. This is an internal conflict, and even our hints at dropping "peace bombs" on Damascus have met with little international support. 

This leads me to wonder, "Are we really going to 'go it alone' again?" Recall how that worked out 10 years ago in Iraq? This latest AUMF is bad policy, and the notion that we are even considering it proves we learned nothing from our botched and insane adventure in Iraq. 

Please, you have an opportunity with this decision to come down on the right side of history again (just as you did so admirably in 2003), by voting NO on the use of force in Syria. 

Thank you, 

Jim Mallon 
Supporter and Central Coast Voter

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