Idiot Conservative Columnist Makes Pro-Choice Argument in Pro-Life Screed

Here's one of the most dimwitted and obtuse "pro-life" articles you will ever read. In the course of arguing that state and local legislation against abortion won't really impact the availability of safe and legal abortion services because the wimmez can always head over to a blue-state to kill their babies, this idiot invokes the "Irish-model" (to coin a phrase) to make his case, pointing out that well-to-do Irish ladies regularly head over to Yurp when they need to end a pregnancy.  This, our dense and doltish reporter implies, is what women in Texas (and elsewhere in the erstwhile Confederacy) could do as well, by traveling to more abortion friendly neighboring states like...oh I don't know...Oklahoma or Loosiana?

This gets to the whole point of why the shutting down of women's health care facilities (which offer much more than just abortions anyway), has really only one practical effect:  It limits the options of poor women -- but not those of means -- because few of the 47% can actually afford to leave behind the other kids, take a few days off work, gas up a car for a thousand mile drive (assuming they have a car), buy food on the road and secure a few nights' lodging, all for the purpose of making what everyone acknowledges is an intensely difficult and emotional decision.

It's policies limiting the availability of legal abortions that give rise to horrors like this.

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