Regarding the Dismissal of Prop 8

[Hardcore Equality]

Today the United States' Supreme Court ruled the odious federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and dismissed the legal fight to defend California's mean-spirited Prop H8 law. Both sucky measures were shot down in flames in one fell swoop. It was not yet even 8am in CA and we felt the Earth shift on its axis in the direction of Equal Justice for All. 

As one of my Facebook friends said so eloquently: "It's about fucking time." 

Just as I was reading the news reports about this sea-change decision, my phone rang. It was my friend and former co-worker Tom -- who is married to Art. The two had graciously invited me to be one of the witnesses at their wedding, four years ago today, and he was understandably excited about the decision. I congratulated him on "being legally married again." He said he was just relieved because it would be easier to do the family income taxes again. 

Congratulations my friend, whatever it takes for you to feel just as oppressed by Uncle Sam as the rest of us. 

No more, no less.

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