Dean Christy

[Dave Christy, movin' on up to the East Side]
Excellent piece in today's local fishwrap about my good friend Dave Christy. He's been dean of Cal Poly's Orfelea College of Business for eight or ten years or so -- and that makes him a big fucking deal, as Joe Biden might say. But he certainly wasn't too big a deal to head downtown and mingle with the cool kidz, watching his beloved Pittsburgh Stillers football team, buying a bro a Guinness or three and supporting the local music scene at all hours of the day and night. A more down to Earth dude you'll never meet. It's telling that all those 20-and-30-somethings threw Dave a big going away party to celebrate a great friendship that we all hope lasts for years to come.

Dave has taken a job at a college located in Manhattan (yes, that's in New York City, people) and don't think all his friends and fans here in SLO-Town aren't already plotting visits to hang with him in the Big Apple. 

Congratulations on the move Dave. We're gonna miss you here in our little burg.

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