The Hissy-Fit: A Conservative Specialty

They've got their panties in a serious bunch this week following revelations that the IRS may have targeted conservative groups with the words "Tea Party" or "patriots" in their name [read: the teabaggers].

And such a thing has nevvvvvvverrrrr happened to any liberal groups.

Turns out never is a long time.
"...a liberal Episcopal church in Pasadena said some critical anti-war things about [George W. Bush] before the 2004 election[...] that resulted in the church being targeted by the IRS in a two-year long probe that eventually resulted in the church being cleared but the IRS saying the church was guilty anyway. 
Somehow, this failed to rise to the level of anyone giving a damn about impeachment at the time, nor did it raise the question by the administrations supporters about the tax-exempt status of organizations of all political stripes engaging in political business.  Somehow we’re supposed to ignore this, and the whole US Attorney scandal where political enemies of the Bush administration really were being targeted by the executive branch. 
Instead we’re supposed to believe that the Tea Party groups were being unfairly singled out as political groups dedicated to the end of the Democrats.  Sure."
Additional info on why the teabaggers came under scrutiny here.

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