Know Thine Enemy

I think one of President Obama's biggest flaws is that he routinely forgets that his political opponents on the other side of the aisle are nothing more than a witches' brew of batshit-crazy-motherfuckers and shamelessly-opportunistic-douchebags. They're all dumb as a bag of hammers, but just enough smarter than their constituents that their crazy antics could unsettle the political landscape for the rest of Obama's term. 

If the President thinks the Republican freaks dragged Bill Clinton down on a molehill of minor misdeeds, he's forgetting we've had 15 more years of teabagger distillation that allows them to poison even the tiniest well with the thinnest gruel.  These are not your daddy's Republicans anymore, and they've tossed aside any pretense of moderation.  

Whether it's negotiating against himself on Republican terms (see: Affordable Care Act, Bush tax cuts, debt ceiling imbroglio, Social Security benefit cuts) or bashing his head against the hard stone heads wall of congressional obstructionism (see: gun safety background checks, natural disaster aid funding or judicial and cabinet appointments), this president seems not to understand REPUBLICANS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SEEING HIM ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING.

If he thinks he's going to sail through this Benghazi/IRS-TeaParty/Associated Press kerfuffle somehow unscathed, he is sorely mistaken. Those nuts in the House and Senate are presently stirring up a hornets' nest that may not swirl and sting straight through to 2016.

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