"Give [Me] Credit," This is a Good Post Title

[Give him credit, he knows the game of basketball.]

Hubie Brown says "give him credit" more often than a profligate loan agent at the height of the housing bubble. He passes out more "credit" than an avaricious VISA rep on the first day of classes at a college campus. Hubie Brown says "give him credit" on every replay and in every interview. I can hear him driving to the games and saying to his wife, "Give him credit, that was a great lane change." 

"Give 'em credit, that was a really good pizza." 
"Give him credit, those are nice shoes." 
"Give 'em credit, that lawn is really green." 
"Give him credit, he knows how to tie a knot." 
"Give him credit, that dog knows how to fetch." 

"Give him credit, he sticks with his catch-phrase."

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