Fugitive from Journalism

[So funny I forgot to laugh.]
I get the snark, really I do.  These fools on the Right really believe President Obama is so disengaged he didn't know shit about Benghazi until hours after the tragedy, and they feel free to take that delusion, throw it in the spin cycle, and make a joke out of it at the expense of the thousands displaced and disheartened by yesterday's massive tornado in Oklahoma.  

The problem here is that this Erick son of Erick asshole collects a regular paycheck as a talking head for CNN, the cable news channel that once considered itself among the best in television journalism. You can't expect to be taken seriously when you give a platform to someone who can make a comment as callously mean-spirited as the one above, even if he did it on his own time.  

Hey CNN, Erick son of Erick lists you as a reference on his resume!

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