Camarillo Springs Fire

["Here come those Santa Ana winds again...."]
Some of y'all from parts elsewhere may have seen the news about this here so-called "Springs Fire." I thought it was a nice touch when one of the NBC reporters noted that we Californians "name [our] fires like those in the south and east name their  hurricanes." Yes, it's true, and this one is called the "Springs Fire." The name derives from "Camarillo Springs," which is basically the location of a golf course and a mobile home park. Both survived the blaze relatively unscathed. The RV park nearby, not so much. 

 After the fire blew through Camarillo, it headed west, fueled by those notortious Santa Ana winds, until it came up on the grounds of Channel Island State University. Two things you need to know about this place. Prior to its becoming an institution of higher learning, it was an institution of another sort, better known as Camarillo State Hospital, which has a prominent place in American pop culture history.

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