Past is Prologue?

More than 9/11, this Boston bombing thing reminds me of the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.  Two people died in that explosion, and 111 others were wounded.  We all remember what happened after Atlanta, don't we?  Actual do-gooder Richard Jewell got fingered in the media as an attention-seeking fame-whore who exploded a bomb so he could act the hero. His life was destroyed.

Meanwhile, the real bomber, pro-life right wing nutjob terrorist Eric Rudolph, eluded authorities for nearly seven years after the attack. During his time on the lam, Rudolph managed to blow up two abortion clinics and a lesbian bar, killing one additional person and injuring nearly a dozen more. While it was never proven, authorities believe Rudolph likely had help in his seven years as a fugitive, most likely from his fellow terrorists in the pro-life movement.

To this day, the first hit on a Google search of Rudolph's name is the "Army of God" webiste, the fiercely intimidating pro-life site that actively encourages people to menace terrorize women's health care professionals.

In some weird way, I find myself hoping the finger of blame will ultimately point toward these domestic crazies, rather than international terrorists, if only so that America comes to understand the terror that pro-choice activists are forced to live with every day.