Not ready for Prime Time Players

Tim Tebow is like the Sarah Palin of sports: Overly passionate fan base props up distinctly unqualified yet oddly compelling icon for position to which said icon is in fact uniquely incompetent and completely ill-prepared. In each case, Tebow and Palin, the hero enjoyed a brief moment in the sun, during which time their out-sized appeal to an adoring yet grossly under-informed public forced industry insiders to take them much more seriously than was deserved. 

Unless Tebow accepts a move to fullback or safety (one position of for which he is actually too small to play, the other too slow), he is destined to follow Sarah Palin into a netherworld former celebrity afterlife on the fundamentalist Christian rubber chicken circuit. She’s now too toxic for even FOX News; he’s running out of chances in the NFL. Best of luck to them both, but their 15 minutes expired about 20 minutes ago.

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