More on Chris Broussard

UPDATE:  Two things I'd like to add to yesterday's take on Chris Broussard and his comments regarding Jason Collins' decision to come out of the closet.  It was rightly pointed out to me yesterday that Broussard did indeed condemn the "sin" of adultery in this clip -- along with "premarital sex" and other peccadilloes -- but for the life of me I can't recall [hmmm...taps temple quizzically] when he ever felt the need to go on ESPN and censure an adulterous or promiscuous athlete in biblical terms.  Why start now?

Additionally, if you listen carefully and read between the lines, what Broussard is saying is that homosexuals can never be fully Christian.  WTF?  That's hate wrapped in a pretty package. It puts the lie to the "hate-the-sin/love-the-sinner" bromide that's always trotted out as justification for Bible-based oppression, and it has no place in a polite, open and modern society...nor on my sports television station.

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