Hypocrisy with an Explanation

There’s an old bromide that says “a liberal is just a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet." Ironic then that, as empty as that catchphrase is, there’s one thing you really can count on, and it's that a conservative is just a liberal who hasn’t had a child come out as gay -- or come face-to-face with some other issue commonly used to bash liberals (see here and here). And now we have yet another example
Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman on Thursday announced he has reversed his longtime opposition to same-sex marriage after reconsidering the issue because his 21-year-old son, Will, is gay. 
Portman said his son, a junior at Yale University, told him and his wife, Jane, that he's gay and "it was not a choice, it was who he is and that he had been that way since he could remember."
If it weren't for all the sanctimonious "I consulted the Bible before making my decision" claptrap I might give him credit for evolving.