All Things Papal

As if you needed more proof that the “nightly news” broadcasts on the Big-3 networks are an anachronistic throwback to a different time, the childishly giddy coverage of The Papal Election(!!) will do the trick. Memo to Diane Sawyer, who’s been transported to Rome for the week and is dedicating two-thirds of every newscast to all-things-pope (including Ratzinger's designer Prada's and the history of the miter):
"Hey, little schoolgirl, nobody in America gives a shit about those 14th-century yahoos anda their dumb smokestack ritual! Get back to us when Roger Mahony finds himself frog-marched off to jail."

ADDING: Did you hear the one about how the Vatican just recently purchased an apartment building in Rome – where several cardinals already live, apparently – that is also home to one of the Eternal City’s largest and most popular gay bathhouses?