Recent Massacres Came out of Order

In the struggle to comprehend the sheer madness of America's fascination with guns and the death and destruction that follow quite logically in its wake, I must say the shooting tragedies of the past couple weeks haven't followed the sequential continuum of horror quite the way I expected.

If you'd asked me in say....early December, "What will be the next hideous and awful mass killing to shock the nation?" I would have said, "Well, since we've already had a sitting congresswoman shot through the head in an Arizona shopping mall, six people killed in a religious temple in Wisconsin and dozens mowed down in a Colorado movie theater, the next most ghastly way to terrify the nation would probably be, oh...how about a guy who lights his own house on fire and then starts taking pot-shots at the firemen?"  What could possibly be the odds of that happening?  And what could possibly be worse?

Who could have predicted that the "man-shoots-firefighters" incident would come after the "20-tiny-schoolchildren-and-six-teachers-torn-to-pieces-by-deranged-gunman" incident?  I just assumed these tragedies would get progressively more dreadful, which begs the question, what will happen next to one up a kindergarten extermination?

 "Gunman at baptismal ceremony?"  "Gunman in neonatal unit?"