Kind of Proves the Point

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, we learn that the shooter got his weapons from his mother, who in turn kept them in her home as a security measure.  It has long been clear that those who keep firearms in the home are far more likely to be harmed -- or killed -- by that firearm than they ever are likely to use it successfully for protection.
Given that the Newtown madman's mother was the first of the 28 fatalities to befall that community last Friday, she is [no-longer] living proof of that truism:  a firearm in the home does not make you, or your family, safer.

ADDING:  Also proving the point, Kasi Perkins, the woman killed by Javon Belcher, was also proficient with firearms. She knew how to use a weapon and there were at least eight of them in her home at the time she was shot and killed.