Schadenfreude for Breakfast

Truth be told, I haven't watched the Sunday morning talk shows since the Bush Administration, but I'm looking forward to this weekend's shows like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Check out all  THIS BALONEY.

On ABC, where they routinely dismiss Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman like he's some kind of crackpot nut-job (even though he's been right about everything for the past 12 years), George Will is going to have to explain his prediction that Mitt Romney was going to win the electoral vote vote 321 to 217.


On NBC, where David Gregory has been known to do the Hustle with Karl Rove, well...I just don't know what to expect.
Video of that incredible trainwreck  here.

On FOX, where king of the jowl-shaking HARUPMPH! Brit Hume, who almost seemed almost like the voice of reason on Tuesday night but was saying all week long that he figured "all these polls are wrong," and resident expert tight-ass Charles Krauthammer will have to explain how they ever came to the conclusion that Mitt Romney was going to win this close election.

Newt Gingrich: Wrong.
Dick Morris: Wrong.
Sean Hannity: Wrong.
Bill O'Reilly: Wrong.

In the immortal words of George W. Bush's  handpicked Iraqi weapons inspector David Kay:
"We were all wrong."