Five Thirty Eight

I almost hesitate to even post it, but here's FiveThirtyEight's final statistical aggregation prior to tomorrow's election...
I realize it almost seems absurd to call a 91% probability for the President's re-election, given what you hear from nearly every other news source in America (and it's certainly no time for complacency), but I trust this man's judgement. After all, he is staking his entire professional career on being right. Joe Scarborough will be back in his chair Wednesday morning no matter who wins tomorrow; David Gregory will be interviewing the president on Meet the Press whether his tie is blue or red; Rush Fucking Limbaugh will be on the air spewing his bullshit no matter what, but if Mitt Romney takes this election, it will likely be the last time you'll ever hear of Nate Silver...ever. 

So...the statistical, scientific probability of an Obama win?