Was putting myself through a stint watching Sean Hannity last night (because.... schadenfreude!) when he started complaining because there were 19 voting precincts in the city of Philadelphia in which no one voted for Mitt Romney. Not one person
"How is that even mathematically possible?" He asked in apparent apoplexy.
Now, setting aside the notion that it is entirely mathematically possible -- in fact, it would have been mathematically possible for no one in the entire country to have voted for Mitt Romney, when you get right down to it -- what he probably meant was, "How is it statistically possible?"  

When you consider that President Obama carried some 97% of the black vote, and the city of Philadelphia is one of the most heavily African American cities in the land, and where citywide voter registration among all residents of any race favors Democrats over Republicans by a factor of almost 5-to-1, it is entirely statistically possible that there might be some precincts in which Mitt Romney didn't get even one stinkin' vote.

Still loving this right-wing meltdown!