What Part of "FEWER" Do You Not Understand?

The teabaggers over at FOX News thought they could make some hay out of President Obama's now-classic "bayonets and horses" P'WN from last night's debate by pointing out that the military does still use bayonets. I'll let Wonkette break it down from there:
Do we use FEWER horses and bayonets, however, like Obama said we do? Yes, as it turns out, we do! But not the POINT, sheeple. The POINT is that “it may not be clear who doesn’t understand what the military currently uses.” Got that? And Paul Ryan, who knows a little something about having his ass handed to him — well, Ryan is cute. But not too smart. So he is confused. Because gosh, how could the President have compared modern military equipment to horses and bayonets (which, according to Fox News and that one serviceman, we still use)?