The Swingin' A's

Now that the Philadelphia Phillies are out, it's time to share a little known fact: When I was a kid, I lived and breathed Oakland A's baseball. That's right, the Phils were perpetual cellar dwellers back in the day (Despite Steve Carlton's 27 win season in 1972) and what kid learning about baseball (transplanted from Philly to Cali) wouldn't find himself front running with the flashiest team ever: The Swingin' A's?

Truth be told, I had me room painted in the A's color scheme: no lie, yellow walls and green trim.  In little league, I wore #9, for my man Reggie Jackson.  I have Reggie's autograph, as well as Catfish Hunter, Kenny Holtzman and Campy Campaneris.  That pennant you see there is from 1973.

1972, I was 10, A's beat the Reds for World Series Championship #1.
1973, 11: A's take care of the Miracle Mets, Part II.
1974, 12: Best of all: A's send the hated Dodgers down to defeat.

Three straight World Championships by the Swingin' A's, the Mustache Gang.

So, much love as I have for Derek Jeter, I guess this year I'll go on record as rooting for the Cinderella of 2012: The Oakland A's.

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