CA Propositions: YES on 36

The law-and-order forces in the state of California consistently prey on the baser instincts of the state's voters (see the arguments pro and con on Props. 34 and 35), and Prop 36 seeks to repair the damage brought on by California's poorly worded and even more poorly implemented "Three Strikes" law.

Prop. 36 reforms Three Strikes by revising the law to require that the so-called "third strike" involve a serious or violent felony.  No longer would you hear tales of men (or women) being sent away for life for stealing a slice of pizza or possessing an infinitesimal quantity of drugs.

Additionally, the measure would allow nearly a third of the 9,000 inmates already serving life under three strikes to petition for revised sentences, so that homeless guy doing 25-to-life for stealing a loaf of bread might have a second chance at freedom.

Vote YES on Proposition 36.