A Spirited Defense of the Incumbent

A reader at Talking Points Memo makes a strong argument for the President (and against the teabaggers)...

I think just about no one gives this president enough credit for what has been done on his watch — but because I wonder where they have been for the last four years.
Did they miss the racist emails, the snide Teleprompter jokes, the smug certainty among so many on the right that this administration is an accident, and that a black man isn’t REALLY president, just some sort of uncrowned caretaker? Do these folks really want their bigoted in-laws and racist YouTube commenters to have the satisfaction of having been right all along? Because that’s what they’ll take away from this. The amount of bedwetting panic on the left is pathetic. The president has approval and favorability ratings at or higher than 50%, the economy is growing, jobs are being created, and they’re going to write off the election because of one awful debate performance? It is mind-boggling.

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