The Touchback/Touchdown in Three Screengrabs

I have a theory as to what happened in the bizarre finish to last night's MNF game between the Packers and the Seahawks. First, here's the whole clip:

I think the problems begin right at about :20 in the video. As the two refs converge on the play, they are momentarily indecisive...

The two men look at each other, and Ref. #26 begins to raise his hands. But he looks to the other ref as if to say, "Let's make this call together."  And then Ref. #84 raises his hands as well...

...but Ref. #84 makes the call to stop the clock for a touchback, while Ref. #26 calls a touchdown...

WHOOPS! It wasn't a "simultaneous catch," it was a "simultaneous fuck-up."

I'm guessing those two fellers won't be invited back.

Making matters worse, how the call wasn't reversed on the review will forever remain a mystery.

Was reading this morning that in Sunday's New England-Baltimore game there were 13 first downs achieved by penalty flag, which was an NFL record. In last night's game there were 24 penalties called, accounting for 245 yards; at one point there were major penalties called on four plays in a row.  During Week 3, 16 of 20 Coaches' Challenges resulted in overturned calls, meaning the refs on the field were wrong 80% of the time.  

Oh, and one more quick thing:  With Green Bay a 3.5 point favorite, Vegas oddsmakers are estimating last night's blown called moved $150-$250-million from one side of the ledger to the other.  If that doesn't compel the NFL to act, nothing will.

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